Finding a direction

Along with obviously specializing in printing wearable goods we also do a decent deal of design work.  Most of this is in conjunction with print orders both large and small, it's handy for customers to have a one stop shop to help them along the way.  From concept to the final printed product we handle it all.

Recently we were contacted by a new customer that was looking to change things up for their Youth and Young Adult camp shirts.  Of course we were more than happy to help out.  The design process was a bit long but in the end our client got exactly what they were wanting and loved it.  

It took a while to land on this concept, the original direction was something in the vein of our Live Free print that you can find in our Etsy store.  

Not all clients know exactly what they want, sometimes it takes some time in the dark just generating a few simple ideas to help flesh out the direction they want to head towards.  That was the case with this order, the previous shirts were full color process jobs and they wanted a break from that in the form of something simple and classic.  

The initial concept was the state of Louisiana filled with text, simple enough but not quite there.  The idea of a design using arrows was suggested (our Stay True print was the reference point for that) so the state shape idea was set aside to play around with arrows.  It was then that the blending began and several variations were created.  The client favored the above design and now we can move on from there with the printing process.


Sometimes we print the occasional koozie or coozie, it's your call on that one, it's not our bread and butter but it's a fun little break from shirts.

Today we printed several koozies for a group called Engage the Current (

Here's a look at them.

Koozies make a great promotional item, but sometimes they are forgotten in the light of stickers or other typical giveaway items.  We have printed for several small businesses that like to add in a bunch of koozies with their shirt orders as giveaways with purchases.  In fact a great customer of ours Rawkworks does just that, with each guitar pedal he sells he tosses in a koozie with his logo and website on it.  It really is an underrated form of promotion that doesn't typically cost all the much to make.

Next time think about adding a few of these guys to your order and using them to spread the word about your business.

- John