Sometimes we print the occasional koozie or coozie, it's your call on that one, it's not our bread and butter but it's a fun little break from shirts.

Today we printed several koozies for a group called Engage the Current (http://engagethecurrent.org)

Here's a look at them.

Koozies make a great promotional item, but sometimes they are forgotten in the light of stickers or other typical giveaway items.  We have printed for several small businesses that like to add in a bunch of koozies with their shirt orders as giveaways with purchases.  In fact a great customer of ours Rawkworks does just that, with each guitar pedal he sells he tosses in a koozie with his logo and website on it.  It really is an underrated form of promotion that doesn't typically cost all the much to make.

Next time think about adding a few of these guys to your order and using them to spread the word about your business.

- John