It all began on a lazy afternoon in September.
There was a spark, a flash of light and an idea.  So quickly that idea formed into a design, then it was shaped and molded, trimmed and polished.  Finally it was printed and life was breathed into what we now know as the Blood, Sweat and Beard shirt.  Within moments of it's posting on Etsy the news of it's birth spread like wildfire across the globe and people began feverishly ordering them.  It was too late, the tide could not be stopped so another idea was formed.  The Beardsmen shirt, it was the start of a collection, something to bring recognition and honor to the age old tradition of beard growing.
Long live your Beard!

Below you will find a gallery of those who have made the choice to wear these shirts with pride!  If you would like to be part of the fun just send a photo of you and your BSB or Beardsmen shirt and we'll add it!
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Stay Bearded my friends,